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Simple Java Mail
Simple API, Complex Emails

Download Simple Java Mail

Simple Java Mail is open source, and you can use it for free in any personal or commercial product under the Apache v2 license.

Download standalone package for CLI

Simple Java Mail is available in Maven central as dependency and you can also download the jar distribution directly from there.

Don't forget to add any modules you need as well.


If you don't use Maven, make sure you include external dependencies yourself (including core and all enabled modules). See NOTICE.txt in each project to see which 3rd party projects are used. The projects are all in the same repo, nested as Maven projects.

Download sources, javadoc, distribution directly from Maven Central Snapshots from OSS Sonatype
Help and contact
Complete changelist


Simple Java Mail is released under Apache v2 license

In short this means you can do whatever you want as long as you include the same license, the original (possibly amended) notice, copyright and that you state your changes.


You can visit the repository Simple Java Mail on gitHub.