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Simple Java Mail
Simple API, Complex Emails

Help Simple Java Mail Grow

Get help, request features, post bugs

Simple Java Mail is a robust library, but there's always room for improvement: get in touch to suggest anything you can think of and help Simple Java Mail grow!

The Simple Java Mail GitHub repository and the issue tracker are used to discuss feature requests and issues (I get a notification email right away).

You can also refer to the API documentation.

If you need more general help, you'll usually get an answer by posting a question on StackOverflow.

About myself

I'm a freelance full-stack software engineer. I have a bunch of private and open source projects, but my public babies are Simple Java Mail and my latest project: my wife's webhop Remya's Cake Studio!

You can find more about me on At the bottom of the page you can shoot me an email if you want a quick answer.